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Board Member Mark Monin believes in an environmentally sensitive process and improved water reliability in South Orange County that will reduce dependency on imported water. 


Mark is a staunch advocate, representing the ETWD interests with elected officials in Sacramento, the Association of California Water Agencies, California Association of Sanitation Agencies, Metropolitan Water, Independent Special Districts of Orange County (ISDOC) and the Orange County Water Association.


As a member of the Finance Committee of The Association of California Water Agencies and its Education Subcommittee, Investment Subcommittee, the South Orange County Watershed Management Area Executive Committee; the Independent Special Districts of Orange County (ISDOC); the Orange County Water Association, and the Water Advisory Committee of Orange County (WACO), he fights for important water issues affecting our local residents.

Mark’s expertise in fiscal responsibility spans over 39 years in the investment management industry, with leaders including Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Prudential, Oppenheimer and currently Raymond James. While he works in all industry sectors, he is especially fascinated with the discovery of various natural resources, water, agriculture, alternate energy, and nano technology (filtration and membrane technology).  He also holds the Investment Management Consultants Association (IIMC) Designation.


Mark is a pilot, former professor and former Orange County Fire Authority PCF fire fighter. His knowledge and passion in the aviation field garnered him the position of Vice Chairman of the John Wayne Airport Land Use Commission, and as professor at Cal Baptist University teaching Aviation Law.  He also served as Chairman of the Laguna Woods Safety Commission and fought to have Automatic Electronic Defibulators (AED) brought back to the community. 


Mark received his Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Canisius College and his Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Pepperdine University and attended Wharton University. A longtime resident of Laguna Woods, he is the proud father of three children and a diehard fan of the Anaheim Angels and Ducks. Hobbies include hiking, biking, rowing, polo, golf, and weight lifting.

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